Tenant Screening For DIY Landlords: All You Need To Know About A Rental Background Check

Tenant screening

If you’ve decided to be a DIY landlord, check out our complete guide to successfully manage rental property as a DIY landlord before you read our guide to Tenant screening

Tenant screening might just be the most important step to being a DIY landlord because it has long-term consequences. It can single-handedly decide what kind of tenant will be living in your home.

That’s why you should know everything about it. Here’s a summary of what we’ll cover in this article, and we highly recommend you go through it all.

  1. What Is Tenant Screening 
  2. Why Tenant Screening Is So Important For You
  3. A Detailed List Of Everything You Need To Perform A Tenant Background Check
  4. The Best Online Tools For Tenant Screening

       Let’s get started … shall we? 

What is Tenant Screening 

In its most basic sense, you’re just checking out a potential tenant and deciding whether they’re a good fit for your building. 

Although we’re going to provide a list of actions you can take for a thorough screening, there’s no cookie-cutter solution to tenant screening

It’s about whatever you can do to make sure that you have a good idea as to what your tenancy candidate is like. Do you think they’re able to pay you consistent rent on time? Do you think they’re well-to-do and will treat your property and the surrounding neighbourhood with care and respect?

Everything you can do to find this information out and to screen your tenant based on your standards is called tenant screeni