5 Best Property Management Software For Landlords In 2021

a person using a property management software for landlords on a blue laptop

Most top-performing online property management software is designed with property management companies in mind. As a DIY landlord, you’re probably looking for something smaller. A software that can help you automate how you manage your rental property without costing too much. We tested a bunch of rental property management software for landlords and came up with 5 that we’re certain you’ll enjoy.

How we chose property management software for landlords

Apps like Appfolio, which we at HomeVault also use, are meant for real estate investors or property managers who are tending to hundreds, if not thousands of rental properties. However, the list that we’ve prepared is for DIY landlords who don’t have a rental investment empire under their belt. You’ll find this blog post ideal if you own 20 properties or less.

We looked at software that didn’t cost much, weren’t difficult to set up or operate, and weren’t meant for huge teams. You’ll be able to use them by yourself without any headaches.

Here are the software that we selected for you (click on the links to scroll below):

  1. Landlord Studio – For Beginner Landlords
  2. Hemlane – for Landlords who want to Market Their Properties
  3. Rentec Direct – for Landlords with Over 10 Properties
  4. TenantCloud – for Landlords who Want a Free Property Management Software
  5. Yardi Breeze – for Landlords with Large Portfolios & Multiple Property Types

Here are the best property management software for small landlords

We’ll go over the general features that each of these software brings to the table. Then, we’ll cover the pros and cons and help you decide if the product is right for you.

#1 Landlord Studio – f