The 5 Best Tenant Screening Services For Landlords In 2021

Tenant Screening Services For Landlords

Before we get into the best tenant screening services for landlords, you may want to check out our full guide on what tenant screening is.

Let’s take a look at the Best Tenant Screening Services for Landlords and how you can do it as a DIY landlord?  With that being said, tenant screening services are incredibly useful and will make your job as a landlord much easier.  In a nutshell, tenant screening involves checking a potential tenant’s background information,  such as employment history, credit history, and criminal record. These details, coupled with a few others, will help you determine which tenant is the best match for your rental property. 

Not performing tenant screening can result in a terrible experience for you. We’ve explained why that is the case in our tenant screening guide as well.

Here are our picks for the best tenant screening services for landlords in 2021, which we’ll go over in this article: 

We ranked these tenant screening apps based on:

  • How much they cost,
  • The number of features and benefits they have,
  • How accurate their reports are,