Home Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Rental Like-new

funny drawing of a plumber

As anyone in this business will tell you, rental property is a great investment—and a lot of work. Even if you repaired your rental, marketed it, found those high-quality, long-term renters to keep it in good condition, you still need to handle an ongoing home maintenance work routine. In this article, we will review three topics:

  • crucial aspects of rental home maintenance
  • how to prioritize your home maintenance projects
  • when to call for professional help
  • When it comes to marketability and appeal, not all aspects of your rental property are equally important. You can run your rental business just fine if you do not provide a washing machine, but you definitely have a problem if the HVAC is not working. And the list goes on. There are also time constraints to consider when deciding what repairs are needed. In reality, you will not be able to get to everything every season. It is important to prioritize your to-do list so that the most important and essential projects get done first. Keep in mind this home maintenance checklist when renting your property:
    • The HVAC system
    • Roofing and siding 
    • Walls 
    • floors
    • Lawncare

    Let’s see what are the issues linked to each of these aspects, and how you can address them in an efficient and cost-effective way.

    HVAC maintenance

    The HVAC system is the topmost important asset on your rental when marketing your property. HVAC issues are also among the most frequent and serious problems tenants report, and a constant source for tenant discontent and early lease termination. A well-working, reliable HVAC system is not hard to achieve, but it requires constant attention on your side and timely maintenance. 

    We have written before about how important it is to change the air filters regularly, as timely replacement prevents filters from getting clogged and further damage to the engine, which would lead to a premature replacement of the HVAC sys