Gardening & Landscaping Tips for Charlotte Rentals

front garden

front garden



Whether you own a long or short-term rental, landscaping is highly important to keep your business going. A good-looking yard boosts the curb appeal of your property and makes it more desirable to renters. On the other hand, a high-maintenance landscape can end up being a major headache — both for the landlord and the tenants. To help you avoid costly mistakes, we’ve put together gardening and landscaping tips for your Charlotte rental property. 

Define Maintenance Duties

Spell out any tenant responsibility for landscape maintenance in the lease. Tenants are often in charge of lawn-mowing, but you may want to contract out annual maintenance to a professional lawn care company. If you use a property manager, make sure you have a clearly defined maintenance schedule in place. No matter which route you choose, check with your HOA or city government to make sure your lawn care plan complies with the rules or ordinances.

Keep It Simple