Moving Checklist

Planning an upcoming move? Read through the information below.
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Moving comes with plenty of responsibilities...

We know you have a lot on your plate, which is why we've created these helpful moving checklists. Before you make a move, take some time to read through the steps below. If you still have questions, don't hesitate to contact us at

Move-in Checklist

We are happy to welcome you to a HomeVault Property Management rental and we hope you will enjoy your stay with us.

First Month's Rent & Security Deposit

Please note, your first month's rent, security deposit, and any other applicable fees are all due at your lease signing, per the approval email you received. If necessary, confirm the amount with us in advance. You will have the option to make payments online on the tenant portal.

Move-in Date & Inspection

We will provide all necessary information about your move-in, including the date and any inspection details, at the signing. You will be required to complete a Move In Checklist within three (3) days after the lease start date and email it to Note that we WILL NOT review this report for maintenance issues, but rather keep it as a record of the condition of the unit at move in. If there are any maintenance issues that need attention you will need to submit a work order on the tenant portal for those, otherwise the unit is accepted as is.


Be sure to place all utility accounts for your rental home in your name as quickly as possible. Failure to do this may result in outages and you will be responsible for all fees associated with restoring access.



Wear and Tear vs Damages

Security deposits can be used to repair damage for which the tenant is responsible.  However, the landlord cannot apply the security deposit to normal wear and tear. But what is the difference? Damage can be defined as  deterioration which occurs due to negligence, carelessness, accident, or abuse of the premises or equipment or chattels by the tenant or member of his household, or their invitees or guests.

The following incomplete list is intended as a guide to reasonable interpretation of the differences between expected wear and tear from normal residential use and irresponsible, intentional, or unintentional actions that cause damage to a landlord's property:

Wear and Tear


  • Small nail holes caused by a 6 penny nail or smaller.  A 6 penny nail is 2 inches long and is used for hanging picture frames and other items on walls
  • Large holes from hanging shelving, pictures, screws, wall anchors, flat screen television brackets or any other wall hanging that causes damage larger than a 6 penny nail
  • Faded paint
  • Spot painting and patching or touch up painting of any kind
  • Faded caulking around the bathtub and tiles
  • Missing caulking around the bathtub and tiles
  • Hard water deposits.
  • Buildup of dirt, mold, mildew, or water stains from a preventable or unreported water leak or drip
  • Worn out keys
  • Broken, lost or unreturned keys
  • Loose or stubborn door lock
  • Broken or missing locks
  • Loose hinges or handles on doors
  • Damage from a door from forced entry, or damage from using feet to open doors
  • Worn carpet traffic patterns
  • Torn, burned, stained, missing, ripped, scratched, or snagged carpet
  • Faded finish on wood floors
  • Scratched, gouged, warped or water damaged wood floors
  • Linoleum worn thin
  • Linoleum with tears, chips or holes
  • Worn countertops due to daily use
  • Burned, cut, stained, scratched or water damaged countertops
  • Stain on ceiling from rain or bad plumbing that was reported as specified in the lease agreement
  • Stain on ceiling from rain or bad plumbing that was NOT reported as required in the lease agreement
  • Stain on ceiling from water damage from a property above the unit
  • Stain on ceiling from mold or mildew from running water without using the exhaust fan
  • Drywall cracks from settling
  • Holes in walls, doors, screens or windows from misuse, negligence, carelessness, accident, or abuse
  • Faded, chipped or cracked paint
  • Unapproved or poor tenant paint job
  • Loose wallpaper
  • Ripped or marked-up wallpaper
  • Worn drapery rod
  • Broken drapery rod or drapery rod pulled loose from the wall
  • Faded curtains and drapes
  • Torn or missing curtains and drapes
  • Heat blistered blinds
  • Blinds with bent slats
  • Dirty window and door screens
  • Torn or missing screens
  • Sticky window
  • Broken window
  • Loose or inoperable faucet handle
  • Broken or missing faucet handle
  • Running toilet or wobbles
  • Broken toilet seat, tank top or chipped or cracked toilet bowl
  • Musty odor
  • Urine or pet odor throughout unit
  • Closet bi-fold door off track
  • Damaged or missing bi-fold door
  • Non-functioning smoke detector or CO detector or dead batteries
  • Missing or detached smoke detector or CO detector or missing batteries
  • No-functioning light fixture
  • Missing, burnt out, or incorrect style light bulbs

Mailbox keys

You will need to contact your local USPS office as soon as possible to request a new mailbox key. You may need to provide a copy of your lease to them in order for them to change the mailbox lock. We recommend that you do not delay this step as it may take the post office up to several weeks to get this completed.



Move-out Checklist

As you get ready to leave a HomeVault Property Management rental, keep the following important steps in mind.

Notice of Intent to Vacate

We ask all tenants to provide us with written notice of intent to vacate. This gives us time to begin marketing the home again and taking care of any administrative tasks associated with the moving process.

Property Condition

We work hard to keep our rental properties in good condition and appreciate your help. We also want to return your security deposit to you in full. In order to accomplish these goals, we will need your cooperation in completing the following cleaning checklist.

  • You are required to return the home empty and in a clean condition.
  • Remove all personal belongings and trash from the rental.
    • General:
      • Remove all cobwebs from walls and ceilings.
      • Floor, wall and/or ceiling vents should be vacuumed and/or washed.
      • Clean all electrical plates.
      • Vacuum all carpet including edges and corners by baseboards.
      • All baseboards should be wiped throughout home.
      • Floors in kitchen, bath, and any other hard surface should be scrubbed.
      • Fireplace(s) should be clean of all debris, including ashes and the chimney swept.
      • Drapes should be vacuumed throughout.
      • Blinds should be cleaned throughout.
      • Light bulbs should be replaced where needed throughout entire home and garage
      (including fridge, vent hood, oven, microwave, etc.). Light bulbs need to match and be the
      correct type.
      • Everything must be removed from closets (including coat hangers) and shelves need to be
      • Clean ceiling fan blades and draperies.
      • Empty and clean out storage units and/or garage, deck or patio.
      • Replace any dead smoke detector batteries.
      • Replace furnace filter, if applicable.
      • Replace garage remote/keypad batteries if necessary.
      • Remove all paper towel holders, adhesives (if you installed).
      • Remove all hooks, ceiling hooks, mounted mirrors, etc. that you installed.
      • Washer and Dryer need to be wiped down and be free of dust, hair, residue, etc. Inside of
      the washer, where detergent and softeners are put, need to be cleaned out. Lint trap needs
      to be cleaned.
      • Clean behind washer and dryer.
    • Kitchen: (When moving mobile appliances, please be careful not to damage floors)
      • Range should be completely cleaned, including broiler pans.
      • Clean stovetop, panel and dials.
      • Drip pans should be removed and the underneath surface cleaned.
      • Drip pans must be cleaned (Drip pans will be replaced at your expense if they don’t come
      • Clean under and behind stove.
      • Exhaust fans and overhead light should be free from grease and dirt, including filter.
      • Dishwasher should be wiped out, including around the inside of the door.
      • Garbage disposal should have ice cubes ran through it.
      • Cabinets and drawer fronts cleaned.
      • Clean inside and outside surface of microwave, including underside filter.
      • Defrost freezer, if applicable, and remove any water. DO NOT TURN OFF FRIDGE WHEN
      • Clean inside refrigerator and under drawers.
      • Clean all countertop surfaces.
      • Clean the inside and outside of all cabinets. Wipe down all shelves.
      • Clean and wipe out all drawers.
      • Clean sink and faucet fixtures.
      • Wipe down all pantry shelves.
      • Clean light fixtures and covers. Wash if needed.
      • Clean all walls, including ceilings and corners.
      • Mop floor and/or vacuum carpet.
      • Wipe down all woodwork.
      • Clean doors and around frames.
    • Living Room:
      • Clean light fixture and covers.
      • Clean walls, ceilings and corners.
      • Clean windows, windowsills and tracks.
      • Clean doors and around doorframes.
      • Remove any cobwebs.
    • Bathroom(s):
      • Tiles should be washed and grout cleaned.
      • Vanity and medicine cabinet should be cleaned, including shelves and mirrors.
      • Tub, shower, sink and toilet should be cleaned and sanitized.
      • Glass door, if applicable, should be cleaned so all of the soap scum and water spot removed.
      • Exhaust fans should be cleaned.
      • Clean bathtub, shower walls and fixtures.
      • Wipe down towel racks.
      • Thoroughly clean toilet inside and out, all surfaces.
      • Wipe down all countertops.
      • Clean and wipe out all drawers.
      • Clean light fixtures and covers.
      • Clean walls, ceilings and corners.
      • Remove any cobwebs.
      • Mop floor and/or vacuum carpet.
      • Clean windows, windowsills and tracks.
      • Clean doors and around doorframes.
    • Bedroom(s):
      • Clean light fixtures and covers.
      • Clean walls, ceilings and corners.
      • Remove any cobwebs.
      • Clean windows, windowsills and tracks.
      • Clean doors and around doorframes.
    • Yard Area:
      • Weed all yard.
      • All pet feces to be picked up.
      • Fill in any holes.
      • Mow and edge the lawn, if applicable.
      • Remove all personal items and garbage.
    • Garage and/or Storage Area:
      • All trash needs to be removed from the premises.
      • Clean any oil stains from the floor using appropriate cleaner.
      • Sweep floor.
      • Unprogram your built-in car garage door opener remote (if applicable).
  • As required by your rental agreement, you will be responsible for the cost of a professional carpet cleaning, which shall be performed after you have completely moved out. We encourage you to have this service scheduled and performed on your own, however, you will need to provide a receipt showing the carpet was professionally cleaned. Renting a cleaner or using your personal carpet cleaner is NOT sufficient. If you have pets, a pet treatment will need to be done as well. This will not apply to you if you have paid a Cleaning/Move Out fee upon moving in.
  • Landscaping & Outdoor Areas: If you normally handle lawn care and landscaping for the property, be sure to take care of these tasks once more before moving out.
  • SEPTIC (If Applicable): Tenant will also be responsible for having the system pumped at move out and will be
    required to provide a receipt. Failure to provide a receipt will result in us having the system pumped at the Tenant's expense.
  • Repairs: If any cosmetic damage has occurred during your stay with us, take the steps necessary to address the problems. Leave all nails and screws in the walls. DO NOT attempt to patch or paint over any holes in
    the walls. We will not charge for filling nail holes unless they are large or there is an
    unusual quantity (more than 2 per wall)
  • ***This list is for reference only and not intended to be all-inclusive***


IMPORTANT: Please deactivate AUTO-PAY in your tenant portal, and schedule a ONETIME payment for your final month of rent if your rent will be prorated. If this is not done, your full rent will automatically be charged.

Security Deposit

Your security deposit protects against any damage that could potentially occur during your stay. After you vacate the home, our management team will perform one final inspection. Your security deposit does NOT apply to your last month’s rent.

If we identify any damage, we will schedule repair visits and deduct the expenses from your deposit. The remainder will be returned to you, along with an itemized statement, within 60 days, in accordance with state law.

NOTE: In the event you do not leave the home in a rent ready condition upon vacating, a $100 make ready coordination fee (plus GRT where applicable), will be withheld from your security deposit.