Meet the HomeVault Property Management Team

Unmatched Property Management Expertise

We understand that unity in diversity is the key to success. Our teams are international, multi-local, and specialize in different areas of property management and locations across the country, a mix which creates an unmatched level of property management expertise. 

How do we do it? We understand that no one person can be an expert at everything, but that we all are great when we combine our passion and skill. We call this mix of passion and skill a superpower, and empower our team members to pursue their superpowers. With each team member bringing in a superpower to the mix, we grow strong together.

Our Team

Tammy Golding | HomeVault
Tammy Golding

Market Director & Qualifying Broker (ABQ)

Adrian Alividado | HomeVault
Adrian Aliviado

Administrative Assistant

Barb | HomeVault
Barb Hendrix

Client Success Specialist

a portrait picture of Dezmey Anderson
Dezmey Anderson

Leasing Specialist

Eugena Milliorn | HomeVault
Eugenia Milliorn

Accounting Specialist(ABQ)

Mike Milliorn | HomeVault
Mike Milliorn

Maintenance Coordinator

Miguel Mejia USE | HomeVault
Miguel Mejia

Bonita Springs Market Director

Alex Santillan e1679914650542 | HomeVault
Alex Santillan

Administrative Assistant