Hi. It’s Tony Cline with HomeVault Property Management. Now, previously we discussed the eviction protection program that we provide. Now, if you’re enrolled in our eviction protection program, we also offer an optional add-on to that, which is our rent loss protection program. Now, typically when you’re doing an eviction, not always, but generally when you’re doing an eviction it’s for non-payment of rent, so if you are already experiencing additional expenses by having to perform the eviction and pay for the eviction, that’s generally taking place at the same time that you have a loss of income. So as an add-on to our eviction protection program, we offer our rent loss protection program where the moment that we send the paperwork off to the attorney to begin the eviction, HomeVault will write you a check for the next 30 days’ worth of rent.

Then we’ll try to go back and collect from the tenant if possible, but if not, your cash flow is covered. We’ll make sure that that 30 days’ worth of rent gets processed as a rent payment just like a payment from a tenant would so that you’re not suffering from a lack of income during the time that we’re having to perform this eviction. Some of our programs include our eviction protection and our rent loss protection programs, and others offer them as an add-on, so make sure you look through your property management onboarding packet to determine whether or not it’s already included. If you have any questions about the programs or about the process of enrolling, feel free to email me directly at tony@homevault.com, or ask your property manager. Thanks.