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From your answers, we can tell you’re an experienced DIY landlord with a passion for hands-on management!

Your profile as an experienced DIY landlord with a passion for hands-on management

Your answers tell it, you are either an experienced self-managing landlord, or have a passion for managing your property by yourself, and that’s fantastic! With your knowledge and passion for rentals, you can certainly perform most management tasks with ease, from rental rates to choosing tenants and performing maintenance work, to rental repairs and turnovers, and beyond.

These skills are precious when it comes to solving issues on a rental property alone, but they’ll make you rather uncomfortable when working with a professional property manager. And that’s because most property management companies have clear procedures and timelines in place for tenant applications, leasing, maintenance, repairs, and the like, and in order to optimize these processes, they are likely to be less receptive toward adjusting their operations to your particular requests and needs. You’ll find, for example, that your input in matters of rental rates, maintenance work, ticketing, and vendors will be needed only for serious matters such as capital repairs, evictions. If you’re a hands-on person that is into setting up the rental value, choosing your tenant alone, or doing some of the maintenance work on the property alone, you’re in for a disappointment when choosing a professional property manager.

The benefit of working with a property manager is precisely to relieve landlords of most of the management work that they would need to perform alone instead, and to optimize their rental income by making strategic decisions based on the current market trends. If you have the know-how and desire to be involved in the management of your rental, you may be better off continuing to self-manage.

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