Hi, it’s Tony Cline with HomeVault Property Management.

Now, if you’ve leased out your home, and that tenant vacates, it’s very important to do a move-out walkthrough, or a move-out inspection.

And you do that to document the condition of the property when that tenant vacates. So that if you have to have anything withheld from the security deposit for cleaning or repairs, you need to be able to have your documentation in order so that in the event that withholding is challenged by the tenant, that you have all the documentation and photo evidence that you need to be able to support that withholding.

Now, if you’re enrolled in any of our management, property management programs, we go ahead and do that move-out inspection, or that move-out walkthrough for you using state-of-the-art technology.

That way, you have any information that you would need to not only document the condition so that you can keep the property in good condition to do any updates or maintenance or repairs that you would need along the way to protect your asset, but also in order to justify any with-holdings that you do against the tenant’s security deposit.

So if you have any questions about the technology that we use, or the process that we go through in the security deposit, the move-out walkthrough, or the security deposit disposition with the tenant, feel free to reach out to one of our property managers here at HomeVault or email me directly at Tony@homevault.com, and I’d be happy to share more information with you about our move-out process. Thanks.