Hi. It’s Tony Cline with HomeVault Property Management. When a tenant moves into your investment property, it’s very important to provide them with an opportunity to document the condition of the property when they move in. Now, we will already have done either a new property walk through when we first bring the property into the portfolio, or we will have done a move out walk through with the previous tenant. This is an intermediate step, so what we do is we allow them to actually walk through the property, and document the condition. So they put it in their own words, they go through the checklist, and they document and provide photos of anything that is not in good or satisfactory condition.

We store that information, and then we compare that to their move out documentation that we do when they vacate the property. Having that two sets of documentation allows us to go through the property, determine the condition of the property, and then determine what’s normal wear and tear, and what’s damage, and who should be paying for those repairs. On our lease only program, and all of our property management programs, we provide the move in documentation. If you have any questions about that process, or you’d like to see a copy of the documentation that we use, feel free to contact your property manager, or email me directly at Tony@HomeVault.com. We’d be happy to provide you with that information, thanks.