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The HomeVault Investor Club is a dedicated program for real estate investors who want to expand their portfolio of rental properties and are seeking professional consulting to streamline their investment growth. Once you join, HomeVault will make real estate investing seamless for you.

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HomeVault Investor Club Benefits

Annual Wealth Strategy Consultation

Once a year, you receive an investment advisor review from our Chief Investment Officer, Danny Plueddamann. Along with answering any questions you may have regarding your rental investment property or rental income, Danny will go over:

• Your previous year ROI

• Beneficial tax strategies

• Long term wealth strategy

• Capital improvements you should save for

• How to prepare for potential risks

• Identifying your blindspots

Priority On Exclusive Real Estate Investment Deals

You will have the possibility of buying rental property before it goes on the market. This also allows you to take advantage of off market pricing.

Access to the Investor Education Database

The HomeVault Investor Club gives you lifetime access to valuable training and education. This includes access to:

• The HomeVault Investor Club member area

• Short video and audio recordings, accessible in playlists, for users of all levels of investing expertise

• Professional, investment calculators that will assist you in making informed decisions

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10% Rebate on Management Fees

You will receive a 10% rebate on all the property management fees you pay throughout the year. The rebate will be delivered as a check in the mail, together with a letter of gratitude. We encourage you to use the money as part of your rental property investment strategy.

10% Multi-Property Rebate

If you have four or more properties under our management and you are a member of the HomeVault Investor Club, you will gain an additional 10% rebate on all property management fees at the end of the year.

How It Works

In order to join the HomeVault Investor Club, you need to be a client of HomeVault Property Management, and to complete the following steps:

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Complete the Introductory Investor Education Video Series in our member app.

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Allow HomeVault Property Management to maintain a reserve on your name of $1,500 and allow us to hire vendors to make repairs without your express written permission on any repairs up to and including $1500.

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Allow HomeVault the first right of refusal opportunity to purchase and/or sell your investment property, in the event you ever want to sell.*

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Sign the agreement not to participate in any third party home warranty plans.

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Be enrolled in our 29-Day Lease Guarantee Program.

*If you were referred to us by another real estate agent we will refer the sale back to the agent if we decide not to execute our first right of refusal on the purchase.

Looking forward to you joining the Investor Club!

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