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Landlord Series

What do you charge?

What do you charge? Or, how much does it cost to have property manager manage my property? First of all, let me start by saying that is a legitimate question. I validate the importance of that question. But I want to tell you, that is a horrible first question to ask when you call a…

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Should a landlord have a key?

Hi. It’s Tony Cline with HomeVault, and I wanted to just jump on camera real quick and share with you a question that I received today from one of our landlords. I thought it would be a great opportunity to share this with you. As you know, when you hire HomeVault, you really hire us…

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Marketing and Advertising

Hi Tony Cline with HomeVault Property Management. I Wanted to talk to you a little bit about our marketing and advertising services for your property. Now, all of our programs from our lease only to our full service property management programs, they all include advertising and marketing your property at no additional cost. Now, HomeVault…

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Tenant Screening

Hi, it’s Tony Cline with HomeVault Property Management. We understand the importance of placing a good quality tenant in your investment property. Over the years, we’ve developed a proprietary system that includes four categories that we process every possible applicant through. Before we place them into your property, we’ll evaluate them based on these four…

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Move Out Inspection

Hi, it’s Tony Cline with HomeVault Property Management. Now, if you’ve leased out your home, and that tenant vacates, it’s very important to do a move-out walkthrough, or a move-out inspection. And you do that to document the condition of the property when that tenant vacates. So that if you have to have anything withheld…

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Maintenance Coordination

Hi. It’s Tony Cline with HomeVault Property Management. Now, if you own an investment property, you either already know the importance of having good-quality vendors that can perform maintenance, or you’re about to find out how important it is to have good-quality vendors, because you can only own an investment property for so long without…

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Landlord and Property Questionnaire

Hi, it’s Tony Cline with Home Vault Property Management. I want to thank you for your interest in our leasing and property management services. Please complete the landlord and property information questionnaire. Doing so will provide us with the information that we need, in order to complete the management agreement, and also provide us with…

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Lease Preparation

Hi, it’s Tony Cline with HomeVault Property Management. Now selecting a tenant and making sure that they’re qualified is only a small part of the entire leasing process. The next step would be making sure that you have a good, strong, enforceable, and legal lease here in the state of Colorado. HomeVault partners with attorneys…

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Lease Enforcement

Hi, it’s Tony Cline with HomeVault Property Management. Now one of the great benefits of hiring a property manager is having somebody that is familiar with Landlord/Tenant law, that is able to enforce the lease. We’ve already talked about, in previous videos, the importance of having a good quality, enforceable lease. But then you have…

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