Jay Berube was born in Fall River, MA. He made his first sale in second grade when he was selling penny candy out of his pencil box at 5 cents a piece. After being the first in his family to attend college, Jay moved to FL to become the “nut boy” at Disney World where he sold cinnamon glazed almonds and pecans.

From there he worked for two years in middle management at a major hotel chain until one of the hotel supplier’s asked him…”why don’t you go sell something?”  

So he did… Jay is a Realtor, Property Manager, and a Sales & Marketing Coach for both large and small teams. As a 15-year veteran of the real estate industry, has personally SOLD over 1400 HOMES, and managed over 3,000 properties.  He’s coached thousands of real estate agents and property managers across the world.

Jay’s mission in life is to Train, Coach, and Serve others in a truly meaningful way that powerfully impacts his client’s lives & allows them to Fuel Their Superpower.