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Managing a rental should not be stressful and confusing. At HomeVault, we love to help you understand what is the rental value of your property, and know clearly what you need to do to build a profitable rental investment.
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We are a property management company that serves homeowners who value their time and are looking to maximize long-term returns. Our mission is to protect homeowners, properties, and tenants by providing powerful rental management services, tools, and systems, and transparency in pricing and maintenance.

The HomeVault family has extended! After serving Albuquerque for over 25 years, Corner Post Company has now become a part of HomeVault Property Management.

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HomeVault Benefits

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Free up time for what matters to you

Relieve yourself of the burden and time consumption that comes along with managing your property. HomeVault Property Management handles the heavy lifting associated with your rental investment so you can focus on what matters most - spending time with your family and living a lifestyle that you’re passionate about.

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Protect your wealth and lifestyle

Experience the improvements that owning rental property brings to your lifestyle with none of the uncertainties typically associated with it. HomeVault builds your wealth, accelerates your retirement plans, and keeps your rental property profitable through our guarantees and detailed processes for tenant placement, maintenance and repairs.



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29-Day Leasing Guarantee

We understand that property vacancy is a serious liability for our clients, and once you sign up with us, we guarantee to rent your property in 29 days or less. If we are unable to do so, we will credit back to you three months of management fee!

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Eviction Guarantee

We protect our landlord clients from the high costs of an eviction by paying up to $600 for eviction associated costs against a tenant that HomeVault has placed, including legal fees, filing fees, and execution of the Writ of Restitution.

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Uninterrupted Rent Guarantee

The guarantee helps you avoid the loss of rental income due to a non-paying tenant. We will cover up to the equivalent of one month of rent in case of tenant eviction.

HomeVault Property Management Services

We offer landlords a wide range of services to provide them with a trouble-free home ownership experience. Some property management plans may have additional services included.

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Routine, move-in and move-out inspections

Our property managers make sure your property is free of hazards and damage with regular inspections throughout the year.

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Professional marketing of the property

Our professional photographs of your property help us market your property efficiently, get good tenants quickly, and minimize vacancy.

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Tenant screening

We simply do not want to rent your home to tenants who we wouldn’t put into our own homes! Our 14-step tenant screening process identifies the best tenants for your property.

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Smart Home set up

Most of our rental properties are equipped with keyless smart locks which makes them desirable for tenants and minimizes your vacancy.

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Preventive and routine maintenance

We use dedicated, professional maintenance vendors who are licensed, experienced, and are available 24/7 to solve the issues that your tenant experiences with your property.

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Air filter delivery

We deliver air filters to your tenants ourselves to ensure their health and safety.

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Leasing and Renewals

We provide all the documentation to facilitate leasing and renewals so you won’t have to.

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Online Portal

Review every aspect of your rental investment, including reports on your property’s rental income, maintenance work, leasing, and renewals, place tickets and contact our team.

Our Locations

HomeVault Property Management is currently operating in various locations in Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado, and is expanding fast. Our team of local experts makes sure that your rental property is protected and serviced in a professional way in any of the locations we serve.

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